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Open or save file
Application can read/save files in GPX format, that is XML file containing content fulfiling GPX scheme

To open file, use the icon in toolbar with yellow folder icon.
To save file, use the icon in toolbar with blue disc icon.
Warning If you open a file with contains some information not processed by this app, and you overwrite it, the information (like routes, more info in waypoints, etc.) may be lost. Do not overwrite files which were not created by this application in the case you are not absolutely sure about what are you doing.

Adding waypoint
There are multiple ways how to add waypoint:
  • by clicking in the map - Hold CTRL key and click with the left mouse button to desired place.
  • by entering GPS coordinates - Select the green plus icon from the toolbar. The new point will be put in the middle of the map and point details will be shown in the window on the right. There you can edit points coordinates in the appropriate text box.
  • by extracting coordinates from the URL - Select the green plus icon from the toolbar. The new point will be put in the middle of the map and point details will be shown in the window on the right. Expand the combobox on the right from the gps coordinates and select desired option. In newly opened window select appropriate format and confirm by Ok button.

After updating coordinates, you can change title, type (that is the same as category in OsmAnd maps), description and comment.

Editing waypoint
  • Click on the waypoint in the map, or
  • Click on the waypoint in the list of waypoints visible at the left side of the program window.

Deleting waypoint
Select waypoint you would like to delete and press red cross button from the toolbar menu. Warning: This operation cannot be undone!

Adjust zoom by mouse wheel or by slider at the bottom of the main application window.

Adjusting sight to all waypoints
Press the blue globe with stars icon to adjust zoom to all available waypoints be visible.

Filtering window is on the top right corner of the main window.
Set the filter text and from the combo box set where you would like to apply the filter (like title, category, title and category, etc...). Check as regex if you know regular expressions and you would like to use them for comparison.
Submit the filter request by setting Set button. All items containing entered text in desired field will be shown, all other will be hidden.
Set Clear button to remove filtering and show all waypoints.

Adding images
Warning: Images are not by default supported by GPX scheme. This application uses own particular GPX extension to save required information about images into GPX file, however, if you open such GPX file in other application, very mostly the images will not be available.
To add image to the waypoint click by right button on the No images yet image and select Edit button.
There are three supported ways how images can be added:
  • Image at WWW - only link to image on the web will be saved. If computer is not online, image will not be available.
  • Embedded image - image will be saved directly into GPX file as text. This is very space consuming and really not suggested, however, image will be available in MyPoints application in all cases, independent on the original image location or internet connection.
  • File on the computer - only path to the image on the computer will be saved. If image is moved into different location, it will be not available.

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