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Simple desktop application for visualisation/editing of waypoints (only) in GPX files.


MyPoints is a simple application to show wpt points saved in gpx files on the map. This is also very simple editor of such points, allowing:
  • adding new waypoint - by coordinates, by clicking on the map, or by decoding from URL of common map providers (like bing, google,
  • editing waypoints - including waypoint title, type (from OSM maps also known as category), description, comment
  • deleting waypoints
  • visual differentation between waypoint pins on the map
  • simple filtering of visible waypoints

This application was originaly intended to be desktop editor of favourites.gpx file for the OsmAnd+ application (


Extended version can append images to the waypoints - however, format how image is saved into gpx file is proprietary and most probably will not work with different applications.

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